Pre-Conference Workshop Day

For each session, there will be a choice of two hands-on workshops to choose from, allowing you to take a deeper dive into the most relevant processes to inform your data center projects and strategies. Please note you can move freely between the two tracks.

Series One
Improving Speed to Market

Workshop A

10:00 am Setting Up & Optimizing Your Prefabrication & Modular Capabilities

  • Nancy Novak Chief Innovation Officer, Compass Data Centers


As clients, designers and contractors attempt to scale their data centers, prefabrication and modular construction has become commonplace. But project teams must have effective processes to optimize time, efficiency, cost, quality and safety to reap the benefits. This workshop will provide insight into the foundational aspects of prefabrication and modular, expanding your toolkit and setting you up for success.

  • Building the business case for prefabrication and modular to buy-in from all stakeholders and align project teams
  • Addressing the challenges associated with building offsite: meeting code requirements, building in extreme weather and addressing labor constraints
  • Determining the line of demarcation: What level of construction should be built onsite to ensure quality expectations are always met?
  • Revealing the cutting-edge techniques to innovate your offsite construction capabilities

Series Two
Harnessing Data Intelligence & Team Integration

Workshop B

10:00 am Exploring Data Analytics for Supply Chain Management


With ever-exacerbating supply chain challenges, it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine which
materials, components and equipment are available, and when they will become available again. Combine this with prefabrication and modular construction, and there is even less visibility into the supply chain of our manufacturers. Join this workshop and use data intelligence and technology to effectively track materials and keep to your schedule.

  • Establishing a robust procurement system utilizing BIM and predictive analytics to manage inventory and forecast risks
  • Creating a system to track products throughout the fabrication process to maintain transparency over production progress across the entire team
  • Uncovering the challenges associated with using BIM and predictive analytics to ensure time and energy are optimized throughout the process
  • Building transparency and visibility of supply chain to understand current issues and inform clients of schedule updates

12:00 pm Lunch

Workshop C

1:00 pm Mapping Out a Collaborative Process for Data Center Construction

  • Ryan Ferguson Vice President - Project Executive - Mission Critical, McCarthy Building Companies


Whilst trade partners and general contractors often work in tandem on data center projects to improve productivity and reduce costs, designers are often left out of the equation. However, the greatest innovations occur when all project stakeholders collaborate during schematic design. Bring your collaborative mindset to this interactive workshop.

  • Coordinating with designers, suppliers and trades during preconstruction to inform constructability of design and create a coordinated schedule
  • Redefining contracting and sharing of risk to ensure all teams are aligned on the end-product and create a multi-risk and reward system with owners, contractors and suppliers
  • Establishing a common goal to increase the probability of reduced costs and schedules
  • Understanding any critical changes in mindset, workflows, and information transfer that must take place for success with offsite construction

Workshop D

1:00 pm Tracking Productivity to Stay Competitive & Ahead of Schedule

  • Charles McCarthy Chief Operating Officer - Mission Critical, Suffolk Construction


The complexity of data center construction projects combined with accelerated speed to market often results in scheduling delays that can be prevented with greater visibility of your project. A robust tracking system is critical to understand whether you are ahead or behind your project. Walk away from this workshop with a robust understanding of how to meet all scheduling deadlines.

  •  Creating a centralized data and document system to ensure all information can be accessed in real-time
  • Assessing project health with dashboards to address upcoming concerns and improve confidence that contingency is built in
  • Integrating 3D modeling with Earned Value Management to reforecast schedule, costs, and scope to measure project performance
  • Analyzing the most effective productivity tracking software

3:00 pm Afternoon Refreshments

Series One
Improving Speed to Market

Workshop E

3:30 pm Creating a Reputable, Automated & Scalable Data Center Strategy


The aggressive growth of data centers in a highly competitive market means it is more important than ever to produce a standardized, flexible design that can achieve speed to market with a diverse supply chain and in different locations. Join us and see how to mitigate supply chain disruption and increase speed to market with standardized, flexible data center componentry.

  • Working with designers and contractors to make dependencies in design minimal and build consistent
    products for delivery across an entire portfolio
  • Understanding when and where standardization is the most logical option, and when bespoke componentry will be more efficient
  • Manufacturing a complete ‘plug and play’ system with repeatable processes offsite to ensure simplicity of interfaces

Series Two
Harnessing Data Intelligence & Team Integration

Workshop F

3:30 pm Utilizing BIM Effectively to Ensure Thorough Clash Detection & Team Coordination


Whilst most construction firms now rely heavily on BIM for data center design and construction, many functionalities are often not realized, and BIM can often be used far more effectively. Discover how to increase efficiency of design and construction with advanced BIM in this workshop.

  • Exploring the steps of a successful BIM coordination process including, the creation of an effective BIM Execution Plan, coordination schedule, sign off process and shop drawing development plan
  • Developing a document control process to track model development and hold teams accountable to items agreed in design coordination
  • Discussing the roles and responsibilities and tracking systems to hold stakeholders accountable for their deliverables

5:30 pm End of Workshop Day