Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Monday, November 6, 2023

9:00 am Registration & Networking

Enhancing Prefabrication Strategies

10:00 am Workshop A

Leveraging Cutting Edge Prefabricated Techniques to Increase Efficiency & Project Innovation


  • Understanding what aspects of data centers can be prefabricated and the steps we need to take to increase prefabrication opportunities in design
  • Overcoming perceived barriers to entry such as design constraints, costpremiums and cultural reticence
  • Highlighting innovative applications in the prefab and modular world to enhance the way we build data centers

Improving Project Collaboration

10:00 am Workshop B

Exploring the Impact of Various Project Delivery Models on Efficiency, Speed-to-Market & Innovation

  • Greg Martin Vice President of Mission Critical, Cobalt


  • Comparing and contrasting different delivery models based on data center project priorities to know which is most suitable for your data center projects
  • Identifying how delivery model choice changes stakeholder responsibilities to help inform how best to work together throughout a project
  • Understanding how to structure contracts to make the end-to-end project lifecycles function more smoothly

12:00 pm Lunch

Enhancing Prefabrication Strategies

1:00 pm Workshop C

Ensuring Quality at Every Stage of Prefabrication Delivery


  • Working with suppliers and owners to enhance the end-to-end logistics of building and supplying prefabricated components
  • Innovating strategies for ensuring vendor quality before builds leave the shop
  • Looking towards manufactured assemblies as an alternative to prefabrication for improving the manufacturing life cycle

12:00 pm
Improving Project Collaboration

1:00 pm Workshop D

Aligning Stakeholder Priorities to Develop a Culture of Collaboration & Cross-Party Operational Excellence


  • Coordinating with Owners, Designers, Contractors, and Trades during preconstruction to have all teams aligned from the outset
  • Sequencing the design and construction to alleviate issues around quality of product and deliverables
  • Addressing concerns and conflicts as a partnership to negotiate compromises and ensure timely resolution

3:00 pm Afternoon Refreshments

Enhancing Prefabrication Strategies

3:30 pm Workshop E

Leveling-up Multi-Trade Coordination to Increase Efficiencies Across the AEC Value Chain

  • Kyle Steinberg Project Manager, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
  • Jeff Eskins Superintendent, Southland Industries
  • Justin Herzing Project Manager, Southland Industries
  • RJ Reed Vice President, Project Delivery Innovation, The Whiting-Turner Contracting


  • Identifying multi-trade opportunities early to price and budget jobs accordingly
  • Incorporating MEP content in early models to know what materials to procure, assemble and eventually install
  • Mapping the A-Z process and considerations for multi-trade coordination to prevent constructability issues in the shop

Improving Project Collaboration

3:30 pm Workshop F

Integrating Tools & Platforms Across Stakeholders to Heighten Collaboration & Streamline Processes


  • Understanding how best to utilize current technology or internal infrastructure to manage the sharing of information across stakeholders
  • Benchmarking the features of tools and solutions on the market to support project collaboration and construction management to meet sophisticated design and construction standards
  • Finding a solution that works for all stakeholders to integrate platforms across multiple companies

5:30 pm End of Workshop Day