Conference Day One

* Please note that the following agenda timings are Pacific Time.  

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8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks


8:10 am Securing Buy-In & Collaboration From Day One to Maximize Opportunities for Offsite Construction


• Developing the business case for prefabrication to achieve owner buy-in to new workflows
• Establishing a collaborative culture and mapping out common goals from day one to optimize exploration of prefabrication options
• Exploring the benefits of establishing strategic, long-term relationships with MEP partners to streamline early coordination and fuel innovation

8:30 am Collaborative Design-Build Process With All Project Partners to Determine the Best Opportunities for Prefabrication on Our Project

  • Keith Dines Senior Lead - Data Center Planning, Procurement & Construction, NVIDIA


• Collaborating with all project teams during preconstruction to modify designs and understand how servers work to reach a common goal and achieve best results
• Optimizing prefabrication: how constructing in a controlled environment can better manage temperatures and differential pressures
• Building according to plan with REVIT: exploring how software development can condense infrastructure systems to improve accuracy and efficiency in design

8:50 am Utilizing Advanced 3D Coordination Technologies to Effectively Streamline & Document Design Development


• Getting all teams on board with 3D modeling and BIM to maximize its potential and work effectively
• Developing a document control process to track model development and hold teams accountable to items agreed in design coordination
• Benchmarking various collaborative technologies to streamline project coordination and facilitate timely communication with field teams to support installation

9:10 am Speed Networking/Break

10:00 am Rethinking QA/QC Processes for Complex Modular Componentry


• Understanding the value of fully testing assemblies and commissioning components offsite to deliver quality excellence: What are some of the best practices for offsite testing to ensure a high quality and profitability?
• Mapping out considerations for shop schedule coordination to mitigate potential project delays
• Developing effective documentation for QA/QC of modular componentry for effective turnover to owner/operators

10:30 am When Modular Meets OFCI: Building Tomorrow’s Data Center More Efficiently

  • Rob Coyle Director of Sales & Marketing , PCX Corporation


  • Owner Furnished-Contractor Installed (OFCI) – The process by which the client sources and provides specific data center project components for vendors/suppliers to integrate.
  • OFCI Installed benefits include accommodation of specialized equipment and components, while reducing costs through owner procurement and provisions of their specific project inclusion/components.
  • OFCI also allows clients to accommodate unique technical requirements, while meeting third-party supplier specifications, resulting in more ownership and control of the data center construction process, which directly correlates with higher quality products and faster build schedules.

10:40 am Live Q&A

  • Keith Dines Senior Lead - Data Center Planning, Procurement & Construction, NVIDIA
  • Brett Korn Project Executive, DPR Construction
  • Matt Koukl Principal – Mission Critical Facilities, Affiliated Engineers
  • Corey Lemming Project Director, Holder Construction Company


Q&A will give you the opportunity to have your questions answered, so that you can move beyond the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ to get to the ‘how’.

11:10 am Breakout & Refresh


Benchmarking Lessons Learned & Offsite Innovations to Take Your Project to the Next Level

During this time you will have the opportunity to drop in and discuss the lessons learned on your data center construction projects. Come prepared with one lesson you have learned in recent months to share with industry peers.


12:00 pm Starting Procurement as Far Left as Possible: Fast-Tracking Your Procurement Strategy to Avert Project Delays


• Accelerating design decision-making to select vendors and manufacturers in the initial stages: How can this help prevent project delays?
• Setting up procurement packages for your data center construction with a larger pool of vendors to compare prices and reduce overall costs
• Accelerating material acquisition for all essential components to align reasonable expectations of delivery timelines

12:30 pm FIRESIDE CHAT: Finding the Right Project Partners to Set Your Data Center Construction Project Up For Success


Building long-lasting relationships with project partners to reduce a
repetitive learning curve and minimize rework


Working with new organizations and prioritizing new business relationships
to drive innovation, increase learning capacity and stay open-minded


12:50 pm Sharing Best Practices to Improve Supply Chain Integration & Management of Construction Schedules

  • Ryan Ferguson Director - Mission Critical, McCarthy Building Companies
  • Pep Arballo Superintendent – Mission Critical, McCarthy Building Companies


• Utilizing the Last Planner® System to foster team buy-in and uncover the most efficient workflows
• From compressing schedules to strategic purchasing: Identifying inefficiencies and opportunities to further lean schedules
• Exploring ways to improve schedule agility and account for material and equipment delays without significantly impacting overall project progress

1:20 pm PANEL: Maintaining an Agile & Resilient Supply Chain During Volatility to Mitigate Challenges to Supply Chain Disruption & Maintain Just-In-Time Delivery


• Refocusing procurement attention nationally to combat issues associated with international supply chain disruption
• Understanding how dealing with multiple suppliers for components to diversify material streams can further prevent project delays
• Aligning expectations with suppliers and setting up efficient communication streams to better manage potential delays and alleviate hurdles to achieving Just-In-Time delivery

1:50 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

2:00 pm End of Conference Day One