Partnership Opportunities

With AI driving the demand for data centers to new heights, it is vital that Owners and Contractors streamline their tools, processes and workflows to deliver higher-spec data center infrastructure faster.

That is where you come in! Our audience are actively seeking solutions in the following categories:

Modular Data Centers

Modular Data Centers

Laser Scanning

HVAC, Piping, Air Treatment & Noise Control

Cabling & Switch Gear

Cabling and Switchgear

Data Center

Equipment Rental

Power & Cooling Equipment


Sustainable Design

Exterior Products

BIM Software

Building Materials

Construction Management Software

Construction Management

Modular Data Centers

Waterproofing & Insulation



If your company offers products, services or solutions to help them expedite data center delivery, get in touch today to curate a bespoke partnership package, tailored to your business development objectives!

There are many ways you can get involved as an event partner…

Present your solution in a speaking slot on the agenda to demonstrate how it can transform data center construction workflows.

Increase industry awareness of your service with an exhibition booth, where you can engage directly with new and existing clients.

Make a lasting impression with a branded experience. From a happy hour to a sponsored meal, we’ll work with you to develop the best experience to secure future business.