Conference Day Two

* Please note that the following agenda timings are Pacific Time.  

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8:00 am Coffee & Networking

8:20 am Chair’s Opening Remarks


8:30 am Panel: Learning from the Top: Where are Owners Focusing their Time & How do we Prepare for Future Curveballs?

  • Keith Dines Senior Lead - Data Center Planning, Procurement & Construction, NVIDIA
  • Craig Pennington Vice President – Global Design, Equinix
  • Anthony Caracino Senior Vice President - Global Construction, Digital Realty


• Understanding current client expectations to understand how project teams can support the owner and achieve future goals
• Reacting to changing industry demands and sharing innovative practices to overcome future challenges
• Resetting project management strategies: Integrating COVID-19 guidelines and policies to meet deadlines, optimize costs and better manage operations

9:00 am Maintaining High Productivity & Quality of Construction Despite Industry Labor Shortages

  • Nancy Novak Chief Innovation Officer, Compass Data Centers


• Implementing a project plan to upskill workers virtually to ensure that speed of delivery and the quality of a product are not impacted
• Onboarding an unskilled workforce with augmented reality and advanced technologies to reduce the number of labor hours onsite
• Advancing automation equipment, 3D design tools and tracking technologies to minimize negative QA/QC repercussions and determine where construction problems are to reduce the onsite workforce

9:25 am Achieving Optimum Success in the Age of a Pandemic: Coping with the Increased Demand for Data Centers

  • Brett Strohlein Mission Critical Market & Preconstruction Lead, Rosendin Electric


• Understanding a holistic overview of the client’s drivers and specific goals to align all project teams and ensure the client’s expectations continue to be met in volatile conditions
• Planning according to client demands to minimize project implications caused by a lack of resources
• Strategically aligning with AEC businesses to understand where there is capacity and ensuring quality, productivity and speed to market are sustained

9:50 am Lunch/Break


This is your opportunity to set up calls and network with your peers

10:50 am PANEL: Exploring the Long-Term Implication that Coronavirus Will Have on Ways of Working: How Can You Improve Safety of Workers Without Hindering Productivity?


• Establishing a culture that prioritizes safety and the wellbeing of employees whilst ensuring that high levels of productivity are maintained
• Finding the balance between increasing safety protocols and reducing impact on project timelines
• Developing protocols for complex equipment with specific safety challenges to operate efficiently and minimize hazards and risks

11:20 am Real-Time Workforce Management to Support Performance, Schedule, Safety, and COVID-19 Efforts


– Real-time understanding of site zone attendance and alerts for virtual access control
– Collected workforce actuals per zone can be used for schedule and budget comparison
– Support COVID-19 protocols with density alerts per zone and SafeProx badges for contact tracing

Hussein Cholkamy, COO and Co-Founder


11:30 am PANEL: Reviewing Advanced Technology to Enhance the Safety of Construction Workers, Prevent Injuries & Reduce Fatigue to Optimize Long-Term Productivity


• Automating data center construction services: integrating software to reduce non-essential visits and minimize safety risks
• Exploring artificial intelligence to recognize safety hazards on-site and ensure all construction workers are adhering to safety regulations
• Innovating with robotics and exoskeltons to ensure workers are safer onsite and reduce overexertion injuries

11:50 am Closing Keynote: Rethinking Safety, Diversity & Inclusion to Improve the Culture, Process & Strategy of Every Project

  • Doug Mouton Vice President - Global Data Center Construction, Microsoft


• The power of leadership: putting safety at the forefront of C-Suite Executives to ensure all operational teams optimize safety across their projects
• Establishing standards for workers within the data center construction industry to improve the quality of working conditions
• Using data to measure the baseline condition and analyze behaviours for greater inclusivity and safety

12:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

12:00 pm End of Conference Day Two