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8:00 am Networking & Refreshments

8:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Addressing Labor Issues

8:40 am Case Study: Attracting New Talent to the Data Center Market to Increase the Pool of Available, Skilled Talent


  • Working alongside colleges and universities to develop courses and curriculums to encourage construction skills early
  • Bringing in trade partners to showcase different parts of the Data Center AEC value chain as an attractive career route for students
  • Understanding how to scale these initiatives nationally to increase their influence and overall results

9:20 am Delivering Unique Value to Tackle the Construction Challenges of Today

  • Matthew Moore Director of Sales, Powell Electrical Systems, Inc.


  • Exploring program level design standardization to streamline project execution
  • Leveraging industry standard engineering platforms to accelerate manufacturing design
  • Managing risk and ensuring quality in the complete delivery model

9:50 am Panel: Advocating for Mental Wellbeing as a Critical Concern Within the Industry


  • Understanding the impact of mental health on the construction industry
  • Getting organizational buy-in and building out a program to support employees with their mental health
  • Analyzing what processes and tools can be put in place to help support employees

10:30 am Morning Refreshments

Track 1: Program Leadership

Changing Cultural Expectations

11:10 am Assessing the Impact of Labor Shortages on Project Costs

  • Peter Stockard Commissioning Department Head & Project Manager, DLB Associates


  • Balancing labor demand with price impacts and how to work with owners to bid these projects out accordingly
  • Uncovering alternative ways of costing and contracting your workforce to make the most of a smaller pool of talent
  • Looking at different workflows or delivery processes to take labor away from the field

11:50 am Streamlining Business Processes & Workflows Across Joint Ventures to Set Cultural Expectations for Partnerships


  • Taking time to onboard new team members on all business processes to upskill them quickly
  • Assessing existing processes and workflows across partners to amalgamate teams through shared practices
  • Being more transparent across joint ventures to overcome friction and improve results for all stakeholders

Track 2: Planning, Design & Preconstruction

Enhancing Efficiency in Design

11:10 am Developing Flexibility in Design Standardization to Account for Regional & Logistical Disparities

  • Matt Smerud Senior Mechanical Engineer, Harley Ellis Devereaux
  • Richard Becher Senior Director - Global Design, Digital Realty
  • Rob Ford Director of Preconstruction, Worldwide Mission Critical
  • Scott Hacker President, Network Impact Group


  • Identifying owner expectations across programs in different regions to understand the challenges of designing for localized requirements
  • Leveraging what has been done in the market internationally to make the most of standardized design and reproduce data centers on a national scale
  • Assessing what can be done with modularization and prefabrication to develop ‘cookie cutter’ data centers

11:50 am Collaborating Across Stakeholders in the Design Phase to Understand Operational Demands & Constructability Requirements

  • Stefan Rizzo Division Constructability Manager, Southland Industries
  • Joe Zepp Geographical Quality Manager, Southland Industries


  • Engaging in conversations with the facilities operations and client IT teams as early as possible to inform design upfront
  • Ensuring the mechanical, electrical design is always geared towards commissioning to have time to develop sequencing of operations
  • Rethinking how designs consider the human component of constructing Data Centers to increase efficiency and safety of overhead work

Track 3: Construction & Project Delivery

Monitoring the Jobsite

11:10 am Fireside Chat: Optimizing Safety on the Job Site to Increase Productivity & Protect Your Employees From Harm

  • Eric Zuhlke Americas EHS Manager, Data Center Construction, Google, Inc.
  • Adam Board Regional EHS Manager, Google, Inc.


  • Achieving buy-in for in-depth leadership training to upskill employees and scale safety initiatives across your workforce and improve project success
  • Exploring innovations in PPE to utilize the best equipment moving forward and minimize injury
  • Advancing technologies for safety prevention to reduce human error and increase protection on the Jobsite

11:50 am Audience Discussion: Improving the Monitoring of Jobsite Progress to Ensure On Time, On Scope Project Delivery


  • Revealing deviations or problems that may occur during construction to limit mistakes on the jobsite
  • Examining if construction activity is behind schedule to identify the cause of delay and expedite delivery
  • Analyzing reasons for high or low productivity to make the necessary adjustments to labor or construction methodology

12:30 pm Lunch Break

Exploring Future Trends & Facility Evolutions

1:30 pm Identifying Materials & Processes That Are More Environmentally Friendly to Adhere to Sustainability Goals


  • Exploring alternatives to traditional materials like concrete to reduce carbon footprint
  • Analyzing tools and resources for calculating embodied carbon of materials to help report scope and document carbon
  • Understanding what construction methods can be changed to more environmentally friendly alternatives to increase commitment to carbon neutrality

2:10 pm Panel: Looking to the Future of Data Center Construction to Understand Emerging Technologies, Market Conditions & Priorities

  • David McCall Vice President of Innovation, QTS Data Centers
  • Brandon Gries Director of Strategic Partnerships, Cupertino Electric


  • Exploring why and how Data Centers are being upgraded to highlight potential facility evolutions and keep up with client demand
  • Committing to having a positive impact moving forward to integrate into the community and mitigate policy restraints
  • Exploring projected to growth over the next 5-10 years to reflect on plans for the future

2:50 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

3:00 pm End of Conference