About Event

Welcome to the Advancing Data Center Construction Summit 2023!

The Advancing Data Center Construction 2023 Summit returned this November with a brand new three track program, making sure you had the opportunity to give you and your team the insights needed to:

  • Transform your go-to-market strategy
  • Level up facility design and collaborative preconstruction workflows
  • Revolutionize productivity on the jobsite with better risk management and progress tracking

This year’s program combined interactive workshop sessions, never-before-seen case studies, and even more dynamic panel discussions to confront the industry’s most pressing challenges and share the latest innovations to help you build more sustainable, higher-quality infrastructure, faster than ever before.

Highlights for 2023 included:

Leading trade contractors shared how they moved the needle with what could be prefabricated and executed more efficiently

The latest technologies enabling the development of cleaner and more energy-efficient facilities were uncovered

Partnerships and collaborations that industry professionals could be a part of to increase industry capacity, drive innovation, and capture more market share were discovered

Attendees learned how to better integrate their supply chain to deliver higher quality alternatives faster for their clients

Strategies for creating more attractive working environments and expanding labor pools to ensure the availability of skilled crews to complete more projects, faster, to scope were discussed

Geographical, technological, and sustainability trends and innovations driving future opportunities and needs in the data center market in 2024 and beyond were confronted

Whether a strategic market leader, design phase professional, or field or project leadership, this was the best opportunity your team had this year to unite in one place, get the insights you needed, and network with the industry’s leading hyper-scalers, co-locators, contractors, and design firms.

You could have joined the Program Leadership track if you were...

General Contractor, Trade or Designer responsible for business strategy decisions, streamlining processes and facilitating partnerships across the AEC value chain. Address challenges when tackling industry restraints and improve your own services and go-to-market strategies to enhance your position within the market.

You could have joined the Planning, Design, & Preconstruction track if you were...

General Contractor, Trade, Owner, or Designer responsible for preconstruction, project planning and design decisions. Overcome the highly technical standards of design by advancing early schedules, exploring the impact of new cooling and power solutions and enhancing design efficiency.

You could have joined the Construction & Project Delivery track if you were...

General Contractor, Trade or Owner responsible for carrying out or overseeing construction activity and project delivery. Explore practical applications for enhancing every stage of project delivery and gain actionable insights for applying innovation on the jobsite.

  • Develop partnerships and relationships from project to program level
  • Overcome supply-chain bottlenecks
  • Utilize data to inform business strategy
  • Analyze site-selection criteria
  • Tackle energy and power restraints
  • Understand operational demands and constructability requirements
  • Prioritize effective cost engineering
  • Improve construction methodologies and technologies
  • Optimize safety on the jobsite