About Event

At Advancing Data Center Construction 2023, you will have the opportunity to dive into the successes, challenges and learnings of projects completed to date.

Join hundreds of pioneering leaders from the most innovative technology firms, colocators, enterprise clients, designers, contractors and modular firms as we go beyond theory and explore practical applications and tangible insights to optimize your next projects.  

Now is the time – discover how to build on-budget, to scope, and at faster rates than ever before!


Highlights include...

Maximize your prefabrication and modular capabilities to optimize time, efficiency, cost, quality and safety, and create a scalable (but flexible) data center strategy.

Uncover the latest techniques to develop energy-efficient, sustainable and clean energy data centers.

Develop a robust data intelligence strategy to enable greater project level insights, stay ahead of schedule, and improve the efficiency of workflows

Discover the latest procurement and supply chain methodologies to overcome supply chain disruption, alleviate inflating costs and build on time, every time.

Hear real-life case studies from industry disruptors who have leveraged modularization and innovative technologies to stay ahead of the curve and remain agile during a period of intense volatility.

Evaluate industry trends impacting the aggressive demand for data centers to inform your mission critical strategy, and prepare for the future.

Be part of the conversation and join the likes of past attendees including these mission critical leaders:

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