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Welcome to the Advancing Data Center Construction Summit!

Advancing Data Center Construction 2023 will give you the opportunity to dive into the successes, challenges and learnings of projects completed to date and discover how to build on-budget, to scope and at faster rates than ever before!

Join hundreds of pioneering leaders from the most innovative Technology Firms, Colocators, Enterprise Clients, Contractors, and Designers to explore practical applications for enhancing every stage of the project life cycle. From maximizing prefabrication and modular capabilities to create a scalable Data Center strategy to uncovering tangible insights for developing energy-efficient and clean energy facilities, join us to hear real-life case studies from industry disruptors.  Stay ahead of the curve and walk away with the insights and partnerships you need to enhance your next projects and prepare you for the demands of a volatile market.

Now bigger and better than ever with three tracks of highly specified content for every member of your team! No matter your focus, seniority or job description, you will have access to the specialist learnings you need.


Join Track 1: Evolving the AEC Value Chain if you are: General Contractor, Trade or Designer responsible for business strategy decisions, streamlining processes and facilitating partnerships across the AEC value chain. Address challenges when tackling industry restraints and improve your own services and go-to-market strategies to enhance your position within the market.

Join Track 2: Planning, Design & Preconstruction if you are: General Contractor, Trade, Owner, or Designer responsible for preconstruction, project planning and design decisions. Overcome the highly technical standards of design by advancing early schedules, exploring the impact of new cooling and power solutions and enhancing design efficiency.

Join Track 3: Construction & Project Delivery if you are: General Contractor, Trade or Owner responsible for carrying out or overseeing construction activity and project delivery. Explore practical applications for enhancing every stage of project delivery and gain actionable insights for applying innovation on the jobsite.

  • Develop partnerships and relationships from project to program level
  • Overcome supply-chain bottlenecks
  • Utilize data to inform business strategy
  • Analyze site-selection criteria
  • Tackle energy and power restraints
  • Understand operational demands and constructability requirements
  • Prioritize effective cost engineering
  • Improve construction methodologies and technologies
  • Optimize safety on the jobsite

*Please note that this is offered only as a suggestion, so that you can identify sessions that are most likely to be of interest. During the conference you will be completely free to sit in any session and jump between tracks as you see fit.

Be part of the conversation and join the likes of past attendees including these mission critical leaders:

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