Prefabrication Focus Day

10:00 am Building the Business Case for Prefabrication & Modular to Secure Owner Buy-In

  • Ben Kaplan Senior Vice President – Global Critical Facilities, Turner Construction
  • Kurt Gavalier Director – Offsite Construction, Turner Construction


  • Highlighting the evolving safety, speed to market and productivity drivers for prefabrication and modular to convince owners and designers of its value
  • Discovering how working with trades in a controlled manufacturing environment will reduce labor in the field, improving overall project milestones
  • Determining what level of prefabrication is best for your project: Single trade vs multi-trade vs volumetric modular

11:00 am Creating a Comprehensive Procurement System for Specialty Partners & Manufacturers to Achieve More Ambitious Modularization


  • Aligning a nationwide network of different types of prefab vendors to assess the best options for your project
  • Collaborating with vendors to assess what form of modularity makes the most sense for your project to speed up construction without added costs
  • Working with suppliers to install equipment into modular components prior to construction to meet tight schedules

12:00 pm Lunch

1:00 pm Team Case Study: Enhancing Collaboration With Your Design Team to Optimize & Innovate Prefabricated Elements


  • Establishing a collaborative culture and mapping out common goals from day one to optimize exploration of prefabricated options
  • Coordinating with designers during preconstruction to inform constructability of design
  • Building trust with all project partners to work in a collaborative design environment: What are the critical changes in mindset, workflows, and information transfer that must take place for success with offsite construction?

2:00 pm Understanding QA/QC Processes for Complex Prefabricated & Modular Elements to Reduce Rework & Prevent Schedule Delays

  • Matt Koukl Principal – Mission Critical Facilities, Affiliated Engineers


  • Understanding what the main differences are to the QA/QC workflow when working with prefabricated elements to ensure quality excellence
  • Implementing a robust QA/QC process to ensure quality specifications are completed to the highest standard without delaying project timelines
  • Building trust between all parties and contractors to ensure trades are honest about quality control of all equipment

3:00 pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:30 pm Harnessing BIM to Optimize Collaboration & Coordination for Prefabricated Modular Data Centers


  • Utilizing BIM to achieve complex coordination and ensure all data is documented in real time to improve transparency over project development
  • Mapping out the A-Z coordination process to understand what needs to be considered, when, and to what level of detail to optimize BIM
  • Ensuring the BIM model is updated accurately at all times to ensure transparency of the project

4:30 pm The Assembly Approach: Exploring the Evolution of Complex Modularization With a Manufacturing Mindset to Fast-Track Complex Delivery

  • Nancy Novak Chief Innovation Officer , Compass Data Centers


  • Assessing the next trends in modular construction to further improve safety, productivity and constructability
  • Discussing the current trajectory for the adoption of a manufacturing mindset and assessing what needs to be done to accelerate this in line with evolving client priorities
  • Utilizing Advanced Work Packaging to ensure trades have all items in advance to assemble componentry efficiently onsite, delivering predictable project results
  • Investigating the current limitations associated with more complex modular and what needs to be done to fast-track this

5:30 pm End of Focus Day