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The increasing demand for data centers has put more pressure than ever on data center construction and design teams to build to scale, to budget, and faster than ever before.

Data center construction project teams are faced with numerous obstacles – from supply chain disruption and labor shortages to maximizing prefabrication and onsite safety – and it is critical that these are tackled to improve productivity and efficiency. As the pool of skilled workers is growing at a slower rate than projects are being commissioned, how can we meet the expectations of our clients when we are already over capacity?

Advancing Data Center Construction 2020 is the must-attend conference dedicated to improving these industry-wide challenges, giving you the opportunity to come away with actionable insights that you can put into practice straight away. Dozens of owners, designers, and contractors will unite online this November to network, collaborate, and benchmark best practices – make sure you are one of them.

This online experience will include live Q&A with speakers, audience video discussions, a virtual exhibition, and the ability to privately message and setup calls through the live attendee list.

What Does the New Digital Format Mean for You?

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Live Q&As with Speakers

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Audience Discussions

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2+ Hours of Networking

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"I enjoyed the ability to have this conference online in a way to potentially reach a wide audience and have folks participate in talks where everyone has an equal way to contribute. Then if you wanted to hop on a chat with a speaker that was extremely accessible."


World-Class Speakers

Doug Mouton

Vice President - Global Data Center Construction


Keith Dines

Senior Lead - Data Center Planning, Procurement & Construction


Ron Vokoun

Project Director


Brett Strohlein

Mission Critical Market & Preconstruction Lead

Rosendin Electric

Craig Pennington

Vice President – Global Design


Some of Our Attendees Include:

Hear What Attendees from Advancing Prefabrication Have to Say:

"This was the best seminar I have ever attended. More often than not seminars tend to lean more towards a sales pitch, or companies bragging about what they do and never truly teaching anything under the guise of trade secrets. This seminar was more about showing what you have learned and help others get there as well. Very well done."

SkiHi Enterprises


"A very informative conference with plenty of opportunity to network with teams focusing on the same priorities."

DPR Construction


"It was a fantastic opportunity to see who the firms that are on the vanguard leading the way."

Leopardo Construction

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