7:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Optimizing Collaboration & Coordination

7:40 am Driving Early Planning & Collaboration With Your Owner, Trades & Suppliers to Prevent Schedule Delays

  • Mike Kroeger Director of Preconstruction – Mission Critical, Structure Tone


  • Underlining the importance of onboarding trades and suppliers early to create a coordinated schedule of delivery and installation dates
  • Executing a plan for all stages of the project with deliverables and milestones clearly signaled to meet client demands and forecast against the schedule
  • Ensuring team collaboration from day one to create a more integrated supply chain and better mitigate risk across the project

8:20 am Understanding the Impact Trades Have on Supply Chain Agility and Speed to Market


  • Combining trades increases supply chain agility and predictability
  • Understanding the impact of supply chain delays on trade partners and how to mitigate those delays
  • Exploring the importance of innovation and questioning traditional methods to enhance data center construction

8:50 am Audience Discussion: Breaking Down Silos & Addressing the Disconnect Between Company Types


This breakout will bring together all project stakeholders to realign on expectations for delivery, discuss what owners look for in their partners and how we can meet their expectations, and rethink how we can connect the disconnect between teams.

9:10 am Morning Refreshments

Exceeding Client Expectations

9:50 am Exploring the Key Considerations When Selecting the Location of Your Data Center


  • Considering the criteria of selecting a new data center: How 5G, taxes and proximity to other locations should be studied
  • Rethinking the challenges associated with urban vs rural data centers and how to solve them to optimize efficiency
  • Involving designers and contractors during site selection so they can determine due diligence and constructability

10:30 am Overcoming Inevitable Change: How Modular Construction Mitigates Post-Pandemic Challenges

  • Bret Lehman Director of Product & Business Development, PCX Corporation


  • With component sourcing stalled and supply chains backlogged, organizations are seeking new, more efficient ways to deploy IT infrastructure and optimize time-to-value
  • Modular data center construction, while widely accepted within the IT industry, has become critical for organizational success in the aftermath of an unprecedented global crisis

10:45 am Panel: Understanding Client Requirements to Achieve the Optimum Balance Between Standardization & Customization

  • Kenneth Russell Project Director – Director of Mission Critical, Pepper Construction Company
  • Kent Andersson Program Controls Director , Yondr Group


  • Building the business case for standardization: Discovering how standardized components can mitigate supply chain disruption, increase speed to market and prevent late design changes
  • Working with designers to build consistent products for delivery across a client’s whole portfolio
  • Uncovering how SLAs change the relationships for customized vs standardized data centers
  • Understanding the risk profile of different clients to identify whether standardization is the best option or customization is more desirable

11:20 am Best Practices – Select Flooring For A Data Center


  • Load Considerations – Select a provider whose panels can support the load you intend to place upon them. A provider whose flooring is available in a range of load limits provides you with options and flexibility.
  • Use Airflow Panels Strategically – As data centers strive to meet efficiency goals, providers whose portfolios include directional airflow panels are an asset.
  • Fits-All Panels Can Provide Cost Savings – If you’re adding onto an existing build, a provider with fits-all panels is an asset. That means their panels will fit seamlessly into almost any existing flooring structure.
  • Choose a Vendor Who Can Provide an Entire Flooring Solution – There are a lot of separate parts involved in a raised floor. If your vendor can provide you a complete flooring solution, you’ll save time, money, and headaches.

11:30 am Moving Towards More Collaborative Contracting & Sharing of Risk to Meet Compressed Schedule Deadlines

  • Ryan Abbott Senior Vice President, Sundt Construction


  • Having an in-depth understanding of the supply chain to create coherent agreements of the scheduling and financial obligations required by teams
  • Ensuring all teams are aligned on the goals of the end-product to create a multilateral risk and reward system with owners, contractors and suppliers
  • Setting up a culture of trust to ensure all teams are held accountable to realistic expectations and to ensure the duration of a project timeline is met

12:10 pm Lunch

Delivering Quality Excellence

1:10 pm Involving Commissioning Teams Earlier in Design to Minimize Rework & Streamline Project Close-Out

  • Kevin O’Brien Vice President - Mission Critical COE, Satterfield & Pontikes Construction, Inc.


  • Defining construction deliverables and project milestones to determine the earliest time commissioning teams can be involved
  • Uncovering why early involvement from commissioning teams is essential to reduce costs and prevent rework
  • Developing an understanding of data center components to better understand the commissioning process

1:50 pm If It Isn’t Broken, Try Break It: Creating an Integrated Quality Management Plan to Mitigate QA/QC Problems Occurring Onsite

  • Keith Dines Senior Lead - Data Center Planning, Procurement & Construction, NVIDIA


  • Improving due diligence with manufacturers prior to buying componentry to ensure the quality is of the highest standard
  • Starting the QA/QC process early to ensure a procedure is in place to work with vendors
  • Implementing a coherent quality controls plan to ensure that all componentry is checked throughout all stages of equipment installation
  • Utilizing advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and robotics, to minimize negative QA/QC repercussions

The Future of Data Center Construction

2:30 pm Audience Discussion: Forecasting the Future of the Data Center Landscape: Where Will We Be in 10 Years?


  • Evaluating strategic priorities for construction in the data center market to understand how project teams can support the owner achieve their goals
  • Addressing the transition to edge data centers: Why have some of the largest industry players shifted to edge?
  • Uncovering technologies and methodologies at the forefront of data center construction
  • Reacting to changing industry demands to innovate future practices

3:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

3:00 pm End of Conference