Nishi Kapoor

Nishi Kapoor

Job title: Director, Global Labor & Services, Supply Chain


Panel: Understanding What’s Driving the Aggressive Demand for Data Centers to Prepare for the Future 8:10 am

Evaluating strategic priorities for construction in the data center market to understand how project teams can support their client’s goals Discussing how industry challenges are changing owners’ procurement strategies to mitigate supply chain disruption Uncovering additional requirements, such as D&I and HSE strategies, owners require from suppliers and contractorsEvaluating what’s driving the colocation business: are…Read more

day: Day Two

Audience Discussion: Discussing the Latest Innovations to Overcome the Current Labor Shortage Challenge 3:10 pm

Securing buy-in for increased modularization and prefabrication to build with fewer workers in a controlled environment Increasing remote construction and remote monitoring where possible to reduce labor in the field Benchmarking the latest technologies and innovations to improve efficiency whilst minimizing onsite workersRead more

day: DAY 1 TRACK 2 PM

Improving Due Diligence When Diversifying Your Supplier Network for More Informed Procurement Decision-Making 10:40 am

Leveraging established cross-industry and cross-geo supply chains to ensure variation of suppliers when demand exceeds supply Discussing the design of data center components to consider alternative designs and technologies Discovering when to analyze data to verify the most reliable suppliers and manufacturers that will meet deadlines and specificationsRead more

day: Day One

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