Mike Kroeger

Mike Kroeger

Company: DPR Construction

Job title: Preconstruction Lead – Advanced Technology


Highlighting Essential Early Planning & Preconstruction Due Diligence for All Stakeholders to Set Your Project Up for Success 1:00 pm

Rethinking site selection: expanding due diligence to mitigate large variances in constructability Driving design to avoid regulatory and permitting delays and streamline the approval process Constructing effective Site, Core & Shell planning to minimize upfront CapEx without sacrificing quality-efficient fit-outsRead more

day: DAY 1 TRACK 2 AM

Panel: Procuring Data Center Components Early to Prevent Inflating Costs During Market Volatility 8:50 am

Working with owners to invest in cashflows ahead of time to secure cost commitments ahead of escalations Collaborating with suppliers to negotiate reasonable estimates and minimize risk against market volatility Revealing lessons learned from pre-emptively ordering raw materials and data center components Creating a contingency plan for raw materials and components when lead times elongateRead more

day: Day One

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