Brandon Gries

Brandon Gries

Company: Cupertino Electric

Job title: Director of Strategic Partnerships


Panel: Looking to the Future of Data Center Construction to Understand Emerging Technologies, Market Conditions & Priorities 2:10 pm

Exploring why and how Data Centers are being upgraded to highlight potential facility evolutions and keep up with client demand Committing to having a positive impact moving forward to integrate into the community and mitigate policy restraints Exploring projected to growth over the next 5-10 years to reflect on plans for the futureRead more

day: Day Two

Panel: Working Together to Achieve Sustainability & Carbon Neutrality Goals by 2030 4:40 pm

Understanding Owner ESG goals and how the AEC value chain can help to achieve them Aligning efforts of the AEC value chain to work cohesively as a partnership to achieve 2023 NetZero goals Understanding how sustainability efforts change across projects/portfolios to know what can be done to make Data Centers continuously more efficientRead more

day: Day One

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